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Equipping women who have an administrative gifting, savvy organizational skills and a deep desire to make an impact for the glory of God.

I spent ten years of my life in the corporate world. I got up, came home, went to bed, got up… I suffered with the all-too-familiar series of migraines, sleeplessness, exhaustion, and numbness. I watched my gifts and talents stand idly by, just waiting to be utilized. They started whispering to me, and eventually became unrelenting in their shouts for me to begin my journey and find my own purpose in life.

What I really wanted was freedom.

Through a series of God whispers, I came across the virtual assistant industry. When I learned that I could own my own business, this was the the answer of freedom I was looking for.

For two decades I have run a successful virtual assistant practice, alongside my husband. Yes we work and play together 24/7 and have for over a decade.

In 2020, God whispered to me my next assignment. We founded the Freedom Virtual Assistant School where aspiring virtual assistants learn to design their own unique practices in partnership with God.

My personal mission is to help entrepreneurs walk in the fullness of God's freedom and use their God given gifts to spread God's glory.

Some personal facts about me:

I spend my time journaling with Jesus, taking nature walks around my Florida home with my husband and laughing with friends, family and neighbors. When my hands aren't on a keyboard, they are busy petting one of our three fur-kitties.

Through my story in this book, you're invited on a journey to really understanding the truth of who God is and how you can have a more intimate relationship with Him. Through our toughest times, we are re-forged with resilience. The Beauty in Letting Go is transforming into the best version of ourselves. The version He initially designed us to become.

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