Have you ever set up God to fail?

Many of us have prayed for something special, something only God can manifest. We have this expectation that our lives should look one way and when what we desire most doesn't happen the way we expected, our entire world can crumbled.

You can began to question who you are and who God is to you. Was He mad at you? Did He even have a plan for you?

Through my story in this book, you're invited on a journey to really understanding the truth of who God is and how you can have a more intimate relationship with Him. Through our toughest times, we are re-forged with resilience. The Beauty in Letting Go is transforming into the best version of ourselves. The version He initially designed us to become.


Angee Robertson

Angee's personal mission is to love, mentor and teach individuals to discover God's unique design for them, grow in intimacy with the Father and use their God given gifts to express a healthy love to the world. She is the COO of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur, Founder of Kingdom Virtual Assistant School and a certified Life & Career Coach. She is the founder of Freedom2Focus, Inc., a business that she and her husband, Dave, have run for the past 18 years where she works with individuals to fulfill her mission. Angee and Dave reside in the Panhandle of Florida.


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