What is a VA?

If you're an online business owner you most likely have heard the term virtual assistant. While you may hear the words, do you really know what they mean?

In this video, we are going to discuss what a virtual assistant is and what they are not.

The more educated your are, the more empowered you are. Learn how a VA can free you to focus on what you love about your business and life.

What did you think the term "VA" means? I invite you to leave a comment below. Have other questions or comments, leave a comment.

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The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It

Virtual Assistant Readiness Quiz

When to Use a VA

Maybe you've been told more than once you need a VA but you just aren't sure when the right time will be to hire one. In this episode, we cover how to recognize when you are in the need for a virtual assistant.

Just because someone tells you to do it, doesn't mean you should or that you're even ready. Listen to today's episode to find out if it's time to hire your VA.

If you use a virtual assistant, when did you know was the right time to hire a VA? I invite you to leave a comment below. We learn best when we share with each other. Have other questions or comments, leave a comment.

Show Notes:

Virtual Assistant Readiness Quiz

What Does It Take to Work Well with a VA?

Being a virtual assistant for the last 14 years, I've worked with hundreds of clients. I've watched some of my clients grow and thrive and others who struggle just to make a profit. I've lost many of clients not through any fault of my own and not because the client and I didn't get along. There is one common denominator I've seen between the clients who had to end their relationship with me and those who are still working with me 10, 12 and even 14 years later.

What's that one thing? Strategizing in your business. Have a map of what you want to do in your business and by when. The more you know about the direction of your business, the more your VA can support you in making sure that comes to fruition. If you don't have any idea what you are going to do with your business, you are leaving it open to just react. You leave it to what happens to you instead of drawing opportunity towards you. There's a big difference. It doesn't mean you have to have ever step planned out and it doesn't mean you can't be open to spontaneity. It means you have strong intentions and it helps others to support your efforts.

What about you? Do you plan our your year by quarter, half year or the entire year? Do you find you get more done when you have a strategy in place? I invite you to leave a comment below. We learn best when we share with each other.

Why Hire a VA?

Does the thought of bringing someone in to your business make you anxious? Then watch this episode so you can move from worry to feeling the freedom you should expect as a business owner. I help you get out of your head and thinking about how you are making an investment in your business rather than an expense. Plus I'll share a secret strategy that will help you overcome any money blocks you might have.

Have you ever had to overcome fear of hiring someone for you business? How did you overcome it? I invite you to leave a comment below. We learn best when we share with each other.

How Do VAs Work?

Ready to hire a virtual assistant but unsure how they work? In this episode we will go over the different ways a VA works with clients. You can hire a VA to fit your budget and work schedule to get one step closer to freeing yourself to focus on your business rather than in your business.

Where to Find a VA

You're ready to hire but where do you go? In this video, I'll share with you the best places to find your perfect VA some are right under your nose!

Show Notes:

Assist U: www.assistu.com

IVAA (International Association of Virtual Assistants): ivaa.org

Interview with Traci Long DeForge

I'm so excited to share with you one of my first interviews with someone who has successfully incorporated a virtual assistant in to their business and more importantly we look at the struggle to get there.

Traci DeForge is the producer and host of the Journey to There radio show. The show provides inspiration and tactile tips on how to navigate the intersection between personal and business growth.

In this interview, you will hear how Traci hired a virtual assistant and it didn't work and how a few years later she tried again and experienced success. We will learn what stopped the process from working the first time as well as how she overcame the hesitations on hiring someone.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is on the fence about hiring a VA or maybe you've tried working with a VA before and it didn't work out. Traci shares a reflection back on what she wishes she knew then that she knows now and how she would do things differently.

Show Notes:

Journey to There Podcast

Outsourcing Overseas Pros & Cons

With the internet getting smaller and smaller the ability to work with anyone anywhere is becoming greater and greater. With books such as The 4 Hour Work Week, outsourcing overseas is becoming more and more common. Some people jump in to this strategy without really giving it much thought.

In today's episode we will look at the pros and cons of sourcing your help in other countries. Armed with this information, you can make better choices on building your team for your business.

How to Interview a VA

You've done the hard work and you found a few virtual assistants that seem to be a good fit for you. What's next? This episode is perfect for you.

In today's episode we will discuss how the VA interview process works, including the unspoken things to look for. Even if you aren't ready to hire a VA or not at the place yet where you've whittled down your list of prospects, you can put this episode in your pocket so you will be prepared.

What Should You Look For In A VA?

Now that you've interviewed at least three virtual assistants you're interested in hiring, how do you decipher between them? What should you be looking for? In today's episode I'll share 3 things to look for when hiring a VA.

Show Notes:

How to Interview a VA

What’s the Typical Rate for a Virtual Assistant?

What can you expect to pay for a virtual assistant and what does that get you? We'll answer these questions and more in this episode.

What Are the Typical Skill Sets of a Virtual Assistant?

What kinds of things can you expect your VA to help you with? Well that depends. On today's episode we will explore this to help you find the right VA who brings the right skills to your business.

Do Virtual Assistants Offer a Portfolio?

One of the most common fears of working with a virtual assistant is, well, that the relationship is virtual and you can't be in the same room with them. It takes a leap of faith to hire someone to work with you on your business baby. Being able to at least get a glimpse of a virtual assistants work helps to make it seem more real.

In today's episode, I will answer a viewers question on if you can in fact ask to see a virtual assistants work. I'll share with you what a VA can share and what they can't share.

Bad Experience with a Virtual Assistant

Maybe you say to yourself, "Yeah Angee you make working with a VA sound like a godsend but I've worked with one in the past and it was a disaster." Unfortunately not all VA/Client relationships are great but in most cases where I've seen the relationship go south it was because of one simple fix.

Watch this episode to learn how this one thing can change your relationship for the good.

Uh Oh, My Virtual Assistant Relationship Isn’t Working!

What happens when your VA relationship seems to be going south? In today's episode I'll share with you what you can do to either salvage the relationship or identify when it is time to call it quits.

What’s an Online Business Manager?

You've probably been told hire an OBM or Online Business Manager but what exactly do they do and how do they incorporate in your company? You'll learn exactly what an OBM is and what they shouldn't do in your business.

What’s My ROI with a Virtual Assistant?

You're about to make what seems like a huge investment in your business and you're wondering if it will pay off and is it really worth it. This episode will put those questions to rest.

How Do You Assign Tasks to a Virtual Assistant?

You've hired a virtual assistant. Now what? How do you get all those things off your plate and to your VA? In this episode you'll learn the best strategy to get your VA up and running.

How to Efficiently Keep Track of Your Tasks with Your Virtual Assistant

When working with your virtual assistant, keeping track of tasks can become overwhelming and things slip through the cracks. In this episode we will look at the best way to track tasks and keep the communication clean and clear so nothing is left to chance.