FREE Virtual Assistant Readiness Quiz

You’ve already heard it from just about anyone owning a business: find a Virtual Assistant to help you!

That’s all well and good, I’m sure you’re thinking, but how? When? And for what?!

It’s hard to imagine a color you’ve never seen before; it’s just as hard to imagine adding a team member to your business when you’ve run it this long by yourself.

But a Virtual Assistant can easily afford you the freedom you probably sought when you started our business. You just need to know if you’re ready and, if you’re not, how to get ready to make this move.

This FREE quiz is short, but the list of benefits is long. You’ll learn:

  • Why you specifically can use a virtual assistant
  • Whether or not you're ready for a virtual assistant right now (and how to get ready)
  • A valuable action step regarding your quiz results to get you moving in the right direction

This test contains 20 questions designed to get you thinking about the parts of your business where you could use a hand, and the time you spend on day-to-day minutiae that could eventually fall in someone else’s lap. You’ll get a clear idea of how ready you are to hire a VA and how some “old thinking” may be holding you back from discovering your true potential (and freedom!).

There is no obligation by taking the quiz and you are not signing up to work with a VA. This is just to get a pulse on where you stand should you decide to expand your team and what you need to do to prepare.

Take The FREE Quiz

Be Honest! Remember, be honest with your answers so you can get a clear idea of how ready you are to take this next step!

Take your Time! Sometimes being honest is more a matter of thinking about what’s true for you rather than your rote response to a question. Give this test the attention it deserves.

Don’t Over Analyze! If more than one answer could be applicable to you and your situation, don’t panic. You will not skew the results of the test if you choose between two similar answers.


What You'll Receive

After you complete the FREE quiz, you will be taken to a page, which will display your score along with a link to download your PDF results and valuable action step regarding to get you moving in the right direction.

A Virtual Assistant can completely change your life for the better...but not if you’ve skipped important, preliminary steps! Get clear on where you are within the process of hiring a Virtual Assistant. Once you’ve received your results, you’ll be able to purchase Business Salvation: Why you can change your life with a Virtual Assistant... and exactly how to do it in 28 days if you feel ready to move forward but unsure of where to begin!

It might feel like a scary move, but having been a Virtual Assistant for more than ten years, I can promise you: it’s worth it!


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