When you started your business you thought you would just hang out your shingle and get to perform your genius work. Right?

Little did you know what it would take to manage your business. Now you're in overwhelm and can't keep up! You've lost prospective clients because you just don't have the bandwidth to take them. You're wearing so many hats, accountant, marketer, administrator, the list goes on.

Wouldn't it be great to have an angel come in and just wave a magic keyboard and the back-end of your business is suddenly in order, leaving you time to focus on what you love?

That's what a virtual assistant can do for you. They can literally change your business and your life with the stroke of a key. However all too often we jump in and hire because we are in desperation mode, which commonly ends up a disaster.

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That’s one of the reasons I created the Business Salvation: Why you can change your life with a Virtual Assistant... and exactly how to do it in 28 days ebook. I want to help you avoid that common mistake and hire the VA of your dreams. After all, hiring a VA is adding a partner, a family member, to your business. You can't pick your family members but you can certainly pick your VA!

This straight-forward set of instructions and information are both tangible and intangible: I’ll ask you to write lists and I’ll ask you to daydream. I’ll help you gather all the resources you need and I’ll remind you how to get still and visualize. The Business Salvation ebook answers all these questions and more:

  • Should I hire a VA? (Because I don’t really think I need to…)
  • How do I even begin to prepare my business and myself for a VA?
  • Once I have hired one, what do I tell him/her to do?!
  • Can someone explain to me how to find and hire a VA?

In this Ebook You Will Receive ...

  • Immediate, digital access to the ebook.

    I’m going to show you how to safely find a professional and reliable VA, and how to protect yourself. So tell your fear to take a hike. We’re in this together. In 28 days, you’ll get clear on the type of person you want to work with and how you work best.

  • Step-by-Step: Next year’s goals and schedule.

    You’ll plot out the next year of your business. I know, that sounds overwhelming. That’s why I broke it down for you. But if you skip this step, you’ll miss an opportunity to make the most of your new VA.

  • A guided, audio visualization of your VA.

    You’ll dream about working the parts of your business you love, and leaving the rest to someone else.

    It might not seem possible at first. It might not be possible at first. But without a vision for what your business would be, without a dream that seems so far out it’s ridiculous, we can’t work towards the life you want.

  • Interactive worksheets to get clear on how you’ll work with a VA.

    You’ll get clear on the type of person you want to work with and how you work best.

    I don’t want you to hire just anyone. I want you to be picky. I want you to be specific. I want you to plot out exactly what you want this new working relationship to look like.

  • Personal stories from other entrepreneurs.

    I’ve been a VA for more than a decade and I’ve watched my clients’ lives change as I took over simple but time-consuming tasks. I’ll share with you their stories so you can see how a VA reinvigorates a dream.

  • Mistake-proof seeking, interviewing, and hiring.

    You’ll know where to start.

    I’m not just here to convince you why I know a VA will change your life. I’m going to tell you exactly where to start and how to proceed through the process of adding a member to your family, your dream.

In just 28 days, you will be able to:

  • clarify your goals for the year
  • hire with ease and confidence
  • explain your needs and desires to your virtual assistant
  • identify what you can delegate
  • feel a sense of relief and ease that you are no longer alone

Your perfect virtual assistant is waiting for you. Start now to free yourself so you can focus on what you love in your business and your life. Click the button below to get instant access to the ebook.

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Common Objections To Hiring A VA

  • q-iconI'm fairly certain I don't need a VA so why should I consider one?

    Everyone believes this to be true before they hire one (and then they all say they don’t know how they ran their business without them!) A VA is not a marketing gimmick, nor a get-rich-quick scheme. A VA gives you room to focus on what you love to do; the reasons you began your business to begin with. A VA is freedom.

  • q-iconBut I don't have the time/money/experience to hire a virtual assistant!

    The Business Salvation ebook will not only help you see why all these excuses can blow away like dandelion fuzz, it will also tease out the parts of your fears and concerns that are REAL and teach you how to overcome them. You may not be ready today, but I’ll show you how to get ready in a logical way.

  • q-iconI've had a VA before and it was a disaster! I feel like it was money wasted.

    I get it. And you’re not alone. I’m guessing, though, you weren’t yet educated in how to recognize a professional, experienced VA; or how proper communication will help a VA to vastly improve your business. We’ve all leapt before we’ve looked, but let me save you some more trouble and give you a map of the whole mountain. You can do it differently this time.

Purchase Your Copy for only $19.95

Your Ebook will be available for instant download after payment