“Blessed are those who mourn,  for they shall be comforted.”
-Matthew 5:4

We can never prepare for it.

Loss can be overwhelming, and it builds as much as it breaks—causing us to crumble into teary, pain-filled balls of agony or to fall into bottomless pits of despair—while tightly holding onto… anything.

Many of us have prayed for something special, something only God can manifest. For me, my prayer was for a child who had my beautiful hair, my husband’s awesome wit, and a long life we could enjoy together. I held onto this prayer… this dream… for years. Yet, our desire would never take her first steps, never say her first word, and never get the chance to grow or shine.

During this season of loss my entire world crumbled, my spirit broke, and I had no idea how I would be able to move beyond it. I began to question who I was and who God was to me. Was He mad at me? Did He even have a plan for me? This started me on a journey to really understanding the truth of who God is and how I could have a more intimate relationship with Him.

Wrapped up in His embrace and comforted by Divinely-assigned relationships, God showed me that it is through our toughest times that we are re-forged with resilience. And, that the Beauty in Letting Go is transforming into the best version of ourselves. The version He initially designed us to become.

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