Hello, you gorgeous business­ owner!

You got into business for yourself so you could call the shots, so you could choose your hours, so you could live your truth, so you could work from the Bahamas if you want! Right?!

Now that your business has seen some success, everyone has told you...


You’re ready to outsource.

You’re ready to delegate.

You’re ready to embrace your free time again!

It’s time to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA).

I am here to teach you how to work effectively and joyfully with a VA. I will show you why working with a VA can allow you the freedom to sit squarely in your own genius while someone else “handles it” for you. You can do this, and I can help.

Take the free The Virtual Assistant Readiness Quiz to find out if you’re ready and how you can best utilize a VA!


Despite what you’ve been told, you cannot do it all. (And you don’t have to.)

What others are saying...

Marcia Weider
Founder of Dream University

"In all my years in business, I have never had anyone impact the growth and success of my business as much as Angee. Her attention to detail and service is only surpassed by her thoughtfulness and commitment. She is a gem and I can not recommend her highly enough.”

C.J. Hayden, Get Clients NOW!

"I know sometimes people hesitate to hire a virtual assistant because they think they can’t afford it. But the truth is that I couldn’t afford NOT to have Angee working for me. With her help, I have been able to earn more — and with less stress — than I ever have before. Hiring her has not only been a smart business decision; it’s improved the quality of my life.”

Melinda Cohan & Kate Steinbacher
The Coaches Console

"Before working with Angee our biggest challenges were that we thought we could do it all ourselves and we were spending countless hours tending to necessary, but time-consuming activities. We knew Angee was the perfect person to integrate into our team! Now, after working with Angee for over a decade she is a collaborator, an idea person and helps us with the growth, expansion and profitability of our business. Her sense of fun and adventure keeps the overwhelming-ness of running a business to a minimum – she interjects fun and possibility into every aspect of our business. Every day I am grateful for having Angee as part of our team; we wouldn’t want do this without her!”