I’m so glad you’re here and taking a few moments to connect and learn more. Although this site has my name on it, it’s all for you. It was directed by God for you and me to connect. Whether you’re here because of my book, The Beauty In Letting Go, or someone sent you this way and said we should connect, or you happened to be browsing and came across this site, it isn’t by accident that our paths are crossing.

My desire for this site is that it inspires you to become curious about a deeper relationship with Jesus. His desire is to know us intimately and to commune with us daily. Over the last few decades in my conversation with other believers, the most common concern I hear is, “I don’t know how to hear from God” or “I’m not sure if God is talking to me.” I completely understand. I’ve been there. Hearing from God was so sporadic in my life that when I thought I did hear Him, I would always second guess myself.

It wasn’t until I finally went on a quest to truly know who God is and how He designed me that I finally understood not only how to hear from Him, but also to have the confidence that He is speaking to me. He communicates with us daily; we just need to learn how to tune in to His frequency. You can read more about my journey in my book, The Beauty In Letting Go.

As you explore this site, I hope you will find resources and inspiration to take you to the next level of intimacy with God so you have the experience and confidence to communicate with him frequently. Please take some time to look around so you can learn a little more about me. If you would like to connect more in-depth, feel free to follow along on social media... or take an even bolder step and complete the contact form.

I'm Angee Robertson

I was saved when I was 17 years old and I had a zeal and heart for God, but it was based more on doing good works and being a “good girl” than it was about Him just loving me for me. From the time I got saved until my early 40s, I strived to have a “right” relationship with the Lord. I did everything to be good and follow Him. When I would screw up, I’d go into a black hole of despair--beating myself up because I just didn’t measure up to what I saw other Christians doing. I didn’t have the perfect family life, the perfect upbringing, the perfect schooling--and because I didn’t have these things, I thought Christianity wasn’t for me. It was as if I had accidentally “gotten in” and I needed to make sure I wasn’t found out or I’d be  kicked out. READ MORE.


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